Climbing a giant redwood?  Slogging through waist-deep mud?  It’s all in a day’s work for Steven Holt.  Steve specializes in wildlife and environmental issues film and photography.  He has a degree in wildlife conservation and managed the Visual Resources in Ornithology Collection at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia before beginning his freelance photojournalism career. His focus remains on wildlife, threats to the natural environment and constructive solutions to environmental problems.

His images are used by TV networks and newspaper, magazine and book publishers, including ABC,  Audubon, BBC, BBC Wildlife, Birder’s World, Defenders, Discover, E, Earthwatch, Environment, International Wildlife, National Geographic, the New York Times, Scientific American, Sierra and The Washington Post.  Steve has also photographed five children’s books for Tricycle/Random House Press: Busy Birdies, Busy Piggies, Busy Chickens, Busy Bunnies and Busy Barnyard.  Prints of Steve’s work are on display at The Artist Loft Gallery in Coos Bay, Oregon.